Monday, 5 August 2019

WALT show smart relationship qualities

Today in cyber smart we were focusing on showing smart relationship qualities. Our challenge was to make the tallest structure out of edible food.
Criteria: 10 minutes of planning, 10 minutes of building. The tower has to be free standing and we could only use 12 spaghetti sticks and 8 marshmallows.

My partner was Mikey and our group name was "Friendship." We had quite a good plan I thought because if you put 4 marshmallows on the bottom and build up then the tower will be quite stable.
After 10 minutes we had to stop and Mrs Collins measured everyone's tower. Ours was 31cm high but the winners one was 36cm.
It was a good exercise and we learned to work together.


  1. Kia ora Israel.
    I really liked how you had a good idea for your marshmellow 12 spaghetti sticks balance and you put the four marshmallows on the bottom.
    I learnt that you but the four marshmallows on the bottom.
    Maybe you could use more spaghetti sticks and more marshmallows and order to make a big tower.
    Have you made any more towers?
    Mā te wā, Marcus

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